Revitalize Your Smile with Dental Bone Grafting

Our skilled team excels in bone grafting procedures, a vital component often forming an integral part of dental restorations like bridges and dental implants. If you're in need of comprehensive oral care and restoration, schedule a consultation today to explore how bone grafting can help rejuvenate your smile.

Learn More About the Bone Grafting Process

Bone grafting plays a pivotal role in the success of dental restorations, particularly in cases where the jawbone's height, depth, or width is insufficient to support the necessary implants. Receded or damaged jawbones can compromise the stability of implants, making bone grafting an essential step in achieving a successful restoration.

Several factors contribute to diminished jawbone volume, including:

  • Periodontal Disease: This can cause progressive damage to the jawbone supporting the teeth.
  • Tooth Extraction: Following tooth extraction, there's a substantial loss of bone surrounding the extraction site, which can necessitate bone grafting for the placement of prosthetics.
  • Injuries and Infections: Physical injuries and infections can lead to jawbone recession.
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Are You Considering Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting in Baltimore & Columbia is a highly successful procedure, offering an advantageous alternative to dealing with missing teeth, diseased teeth, or tooth deformities.

This procedure addresses two primary objectives to enhance dental health and stability:

  • Jaw Stabilization: Bone grafting restores and stabilizes the jaw foundation, providing essential support for restorative or implant surgery. It corrects deformities and contributes to bone restructuring.
  • Preservation: By limiting or preventing bone recession, bone grafting proves valuable post-tooth extraction, during periodontal disease treatment, or after other surgical treatments.

Getting Started: Your Comprehensive Oral Examination 

Before initiating any sort of bone grafting procedure, a thorough examination of the affected area is essential. Your expert dentist assesses the overall condition of the teeth and gums, addressing periodontal disease or adjacent teeth issues. Panoramic X-rays and 3D CT imaging provide a detailed understanding of bone depth and width.

Our team understands that dental procedures can produce anxiety. We work hard to ensure your ease and well-being by providing plenty of time to ask questions and get answers regarding any oral surgical procedure.

The Bone Grafting Procedure 

Different types of bone grafts suit various conditions. Your dentist will choose the most suitable option for your case. The most common types include:

  • Autogenous Bone Graft: In this procedure, bone is harvested from the patient's body, usually from other areas of the jawbone where the bone is in excess, ensuring predictable results.
  • Allograft Bone Graft: This procedure utilizes cadaver or synthetic bone to replace missing bone in the jaw.
  • Xenograft Bone Graft: This procedure involves the use of cow bone for grafting.

The total procedure usually spans several months, involving bone harvesting from the patient's body or from a bone bank. The added bone fuses with the existing bone, promoting firm adhesion and cell growth. This fortified jawbone provides increased volume to anchor implants or create hygienic and esthetic results for dental bridges. During surgery, the dentist administers a local anesthetic to numb the extraction and grafting sites. A small incision readies the site for the new bone, securely anchored into place. Occasionally, a synthetic membrane covers the new bone, preventing soft tissue and bacterial invasions while stimulating new bone growth. With no overnight stay required, comprehensive post-operative care instructions and prescribed medications to manage infection, discomfort, and swelling will be provided.

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Choose the Bone Grafting Experts: Maryland Prosthodontic Associates

Selecting an expert oral and maxillofacial prosthodontist is paramount for successful bone grafting in Baltimore & Columbia that is prosthetically driven. At Maryland Prosthodontic Associates, our team boasts advanced training and specialized knowledge, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients dealing with various head and neck conditions. Each team member has undergone extensive education and training, making it their business to deliver excellent patient results.

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An Exemplary Part of Your Healthcare Team

Choosing Maryland Prosthodontic Associates means choosing a commitment to excellence and patient care. Our team enjoys clinical and teaching affiliations with prestigious institutions like Johns Hopkins University Hospital and the Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Professional memberships maintained include:

  • The American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics
  • The American College of Prosthodontists
  • The Academy of Osseointegration
  • The American Dental Association 

All of this makes it clear that our first, most cherished priority is providing you with best-in-industry service and results.

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Support for Successful Implants Starts Here

Don't let diminished jawbone volume affect your smile. Schedule a consultation with Maryland Prosthodontic Associates today to discuss your unique case. Our experienced team is here to guide you toward effective solutions with compassion and expertise. Now, you can rejuvenate your smile with bone grafting!

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